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Helsinki XXI Flamenco Festival 2.–10.2.2019

The 21st flamenco festival of Helsinki is inviting flamenco artists, aficionados and everybody interested in the vibrant forms of flamenco-art to come together around the theme of Dialogue in Flamenco. On the one hand, the festival is asking how dialogue is already present in flamenco, what does it look like, and between whom the dialogue is taking place. On the other hand, the festival program is reflecting which voices have been left outside of the dialogue of flamenco in the past and to which directions the dialogue is evolving. In the festival program of 2019, flamenco is brought into new and inspiring contact with other forms of music and arts. As a case in point, the visuals of the festival are based on the paintings of the Finnish artist Alina Sinivaara. Furthermore, dialogue is present all around the festival program: in the interdisciplinary performances taking place in the streets, in urban spaces and on the on stage; in panel discussions, interactive lecture performances and on the silver screen. In 2019 the festival will bring flamenco to places it has never been seen before. Dialogue will emerge between flamenco, unexpected urban spaces, people and the artists coming from around Scandinavia, Spain and Finland.

Festival programme in English below.

Unfortunately we don’t have resources to translate 100 % information of the website in English. However, please feel free to contact us in English with any questions or comments you might have! festival[at]

Kanteletar por flamenco: Zäpämmät, vas. Pauliina Kauppila ja Marjo Smolander, kuva Sini Suomi.

Opening day: Surprising encounters
Sat 2.2.2019 around Helsinki

Meet Finnish flamenco professionals in the city – creating new site-specific works in interdisciplinary and open-minded collaborations. Come to experience what the dialogues between artists, atmospheres and different urban spaces feels like – free entrance.

About the performers:
Como el agua is a site-specific flamenco piece taking place in a (indoor) public swimming pool and created by Salla Korhonen, Saija Raskulla and Anu Silvennoinen from Tampere.

*Mäkelänrinteen uintikeskus, Mäkelänkatu 49 at 3, 4 and 5 pm

Kaksi tuolia is a meeting between two singers and three cultures (Finnish, Spanish and Bulgarian) created by Finnish-Bulgarian Anna Dantchev and Anna Murtola, the world’s northernmost flamenco singer.

*Hakaniemen kauppahalli at 11 am
*Rikhardinkatu library, Rikhardinkatu 3 at 12.30 am
*Central railway station at 2 pm

Kanteletar por flamencoZäpämmät is a duo consisting of Marjo Smolander (concert kantele, percussion, vocals) and Pauliina Kauppila (percussion, vocals) creating a piece together with flamenco dancer Sari Pikkarainen in a non-traditional musical environment.

*Uusi Lastensairaalan kahvila, Stenbäckinkatu 9 (2 krs) at 11 am
*Hakaniemen kauppahalli at 1 pm
*Rikhardinkatu library, Rikhardinkatu 3 at 3 pm

Opening club
Sat 2.2.2019 at 7 pm
Lavaklubi (National Theatre). K-18.

Tickets: 15 € / 12 € (members of Helsingin Flamencoyhdistys, pensioneers, unemployed, students), ticket sales: National Theatre

Open stage for both flamenco professionals and amateurs/aficionados – we are looking for performances of 3–15 minutes duration, contact us: avajaisklubi[at]

Flamenco goes doc: Gurumbé – canciones de tu memoria negra
Sun 3.2.2019 at 1 pm Korjaamo Kino

Tickets 10/8/6 €, ticket sales: Korjaamo

Director Miguel Ángel Rosales, Spain 2016.

The history of flamenco is a buzzing melting pot of different musical and movement influences. Dialogue has been present in flamenco on many levels since its inception. You cannot even always tell, where the different elements come from. Both Roma, jews and North African muslims have travelled through Andalucía during decades/centuries, but did you know, that in the 16th century 5 % of the entire population of Seville and Cádiz where of African descent? The African element in the history Spain and flamenco is finally investigated and discussed.

The screening also includes a short introduction to the themes. Before the screening you are welcome to join a delicious flamenco brunch at Korjaamo, By showing your movie ticket you get the brunch to the price of 18 € (normally 23 €), no reservation needed. Brunch is served from 11 am.

Origins – a window towards voices
Wed 6.2.2019 at 4, 5 and 6 pm
Rikhardinkatu library
Free admission

A music documentary by flamenco singer Ellen Pontara and Roland Pantze, a musical encounter between Sámi joik and flamenco song.
In Swedish, subtitles in English

Ellen Pontara & Erik Steen, kuva Monica Sihlén.

An evening of flamenco song: Ellen Pontara & Erik Steen (Sweden)
Fri 8.2.2019 at 7 pm
Helsinki Deaconess Institute church

Tickets 22 € /20 € (pensioneers, students, unemployed) / 18 € members of Helsingin Flamencoyhdistys ry, children
Ticket sales: – delivery fee is added to the ticket price.

Introduction to the concert at 6 pm (in Finnish): Flamenco in the margins of society, Tove Djupsjöbacka

Ellen Pontara, vocals
Erik Steen, guitar

Ellen Pontara and Erik Steen are two of the leading flamenco musicians of Sweden and Scandinavia. Pontara has been a flamenco singer already for 20 years and published her debut record Entre dos mundos in 2017. The respect of tradition is deeply present in the album, but almost all the lyrics are written by Pontara herself and the compositions have been made by Pontara together with Erik Steen. Furthermore, the record includes even a brand new flamenco palo – lobaría, named after Pontaras artist name La Loba (Female Wolf).
Erik Steen is active as a flamenco guitarist and composer since the 1980s. He has published several records and performed all around of Europe. Steen has gained high respect/reverence for his brilliant technique and sense of rhythm as well as for this composing style.

The flamenco song (cante) also goes in dialogue with the church of the Deaconess Institute – this is the first time in the history of Helsinki Flamenco Festival that flamenco is performed in a church. Helsinki Deaconess Institute was founded in 1867 and strives to help people who are in danger of being marginalised in the society. Before the concert we invite you to join a thematic introduction (in Finnish), tailor-made for this occasion. Honoring the values and work of the Deaconess Institute we will especially highlight the flamenco song and its connection with the margins of society.

Flamenco seminar: Flamenco now and visions for the future vol. 2
Sat 9.2.2019 at 2-4 pm
Rikhardinkatu library, meeting room Ture

Free admission

The discussion initiated by the Tampere Flamenco Week continues! An open event reflecting the future of flamenco in Finland is aimed especially for flamenco organisations, professionals and other operators in the field. Mainly in Finnish.

Ángel Muñoz: Claroscuro. Kuvassa Artomático, Diego Villegas ja Ángel Muñoz. Kuva Jean-Louis Duzert.

Main concert: Ángel Muñoz : Claroscuro (Spain)
Sat 9.2.2019 at 7 pm
Savoy theatre

Tickets 45 € /41 € (pensioneers, students, unemployed) /38 € members of Helsingin Flamencoyhdistys ry /28 € children
Ticket sales: – delivery fee is added to the ticket price.

Ángel Muñoz, dance and choreography
Miguel Ortega, vocals and guitar
Juan M. Jiménez, saxophone
Artomático, live electronics, samplers, sequencers

A strong dialogue between dance and music is something very essential in flamenco. In this creation the dance enters a discussion especially with a sound world/soundscape created with electronics. The elegant and musical dance of flamenco dancer-choreographer Ángel Muñoz meets the wide-reaching sound art of Artomático. Together they embark on a journey flowing from one flamenco palo to another in a special atmosphere created by the unconventional musical accompaniment. Muñoz has toured the world for several decades in many leading companies, among others as a dance soloist with legendary guitarist Paco Peña.

The ensemble is completed with versatile and expressive singer Miguel Ortega and magnificent saxophone player Juan M. Jiménez.

Sat 9.2.2019 at 8.30 pm–2 am
Lavaklubi, National Theatre

Free entrance. K-18.

Welcome to the official afterparty of the main concert – free admission, juergas are allowed!

Closing event: Flamenco and dialogue
Sun 10.2.2019 at 3-4.30 pm
Rikhardinkatu library, book tower, 2nd floor

Free entrance

The Closing event of the festival in the library of Rikhardinkatu investigates the theme of dialogue inspiringly through physical and verbal inquiries. Program includes an interactive lecture-performance and a panel discussion with flamenco professionals and artists! Welcome!

The courses at this year’s festival

Dance courses

Mon–Thu 4.–7.2.2019
Dance courses, three levels, teacher Ángel Muñoz
Fiesta Flamenca

Basic: Mon–Thu 5-6pm. Course aimed at dancers who are mastering the basic technique of flamenco and who are wishing to deepen their rhythmical understanding, technique and expression of flamenco dance.
Price: 4 hours 110/90€. Early bird 100/80€ due to 31st of December 2018.

Intermediate: Mon– Thu 6–7:30pm. Course aimed at dancers who have a good technical and musical understanding of flamenco and who have practiced flamenco for several years. The course is supporting the dancer’s technical, musical and expressive development in inspiring, but also nicely challenging environment.
Price: 6 hours 170/140€. Early bird 160/130€ when registration due to December 31st 2018.

Advanced/Professionals: Mon– Thu 7:45–9:15pm. Course aimed at dancers who have a solid practice and knowledge of flamenco both technically and musically. The course advancing in a fast tempo and is taking the dancers to investigate the theme of dialogue in flamenco dance both musically, technically and expressively.
Price: 6 hours 170/140€. Early bird 160/130€ when registration due to December 31st 2018.

Singing course

Sat-Sun 9.–10.2.2019
Singing course, open level, teacher Miguel Ortega
Open level: Sat– Su 11:30am– 1:30pm. The singing course is aimed at singers who have already gained a basic knowledge and understanding of cante flamenco. Singers will receive tools that support their technique and musicality, and get personal guidance and feedback on their chosen palo.
Price: 130/115€. Early bird 120/105€ when registration due to December 31st 2018.

Courses are held in Spanish. Translation into Finnish and English is provided if needed.
Discount for members of Peña Flamenca de Helsinki. Register via e-mail to kurssit[at]
Cancellations only with medical certificate. Registration fee of 30 € is not refunded.