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Rafaela Carrasco headlines Helsinki XX Flamenco Festival in February 2018!

The largest Flamenco Festival in the Nordics celebrates its 20th anniversary in February 2018 by bringing on various stages both Spanish and Finnish flamenco artists.

The programme kicks off on Saturday, February 3rd with a traditional aficionado evening by providing local hobbyists, semi-professionals and professional dancers and musicians a venue to showcase their talent. Opening club is followed by Children’s and Youth’s Biennale on Sunday with a full day of workshops and performances by various young flamencos from around the country. This free event is open to everyone.

On Wednesday, another free event brings flamenco music and history to audiences that might know nothing about flamenco as the second ¡Flamenco on Stage! event is held at a public library in city centre.

Friday, February 9th is dedicated for Finnish professionals. The evening consists of two independent performances. First show offers compositions of a renowned guitarist Joonas Widenius, who is accompanied by bassist Hannu Rantanen and percussionist Karo Sampela. Joonas Widenius Trio’s sound is interesting mix of flamenco, jazz, rock and Finnish folk music.

Second show of the evening is called “Décadas” and brings on stage three female dancers born on different decades: Erika Alajärvi, Tove Djupsjöbacka and Marja Rautakorpi. Their group includes guitarist Toni Jokiniitty and Norwegian-born singer Marianne Holmboe who currently lives and performs in Sweden. Décadas brings the audience back to the roots of flamenco after more modern first section of the show.

The main concert takes place on Saturday, February 10 at Savoy Theatre in Helsinki city centre. Rafaela Carrasco, one of the great creators of contemporary flamenco and internationally celebrated dancer and choreographer presents production “Nacida Sombra”, where flamenco dance meets the great female creators of the Spanish Golden Age and from Spanish America. The production is based on the dramaturgy of Álvaro Tato, one of the emerging writers in the Spanish scene. Carrasco is accompanied on stage by three young female dancers: Florencia O’Ryan, Carmen Angulo and Paula Comitre.

Musicians in “Nacida Sombra” are singers Gabriel de la Tomasa and David Vázquez Rodriguez, guitarists Juan Antonio Suáres ”Cano” and Jesús Torres.

Finally, the week closes on Sunday, February 11 with another free event at a local restaurant as “Brindamos Finlandia” club brings on stage traditional tablao flamenco style. As any flamenco event, the club ends with a traditional “fin de fiesta”, a celebratory jam session in style of bulerias with both professionals and aficionados dancing, singing and playing their hearts out.